LA-based producer
and songwriter

Charlie Hallock is a music producer and songwriter. Since 2019, he has consistently been in recording studios, fostering creative partnerships and doing everything he can to share his work with new audiences.

Starting off as a recording/mix engineer, he interned, worked in studios, and later worked full-time with music producer, Lido. With a strong technical background as well as a growing network of clients, Charlie then transitioned to full-time creative work.

Charlie currently focuses on R&B/Hip-Hop, but the breadth of his work spans across various genres. He also writes music for synch in TV/Film.

Charlie’s collaborators can always rely on him to nurture and craft a song from the early writing stages to a finished record. His open-minded approach allows him to mold to any room he is working in. From working with Billboard Hot 100 artists to artists in their early stages, Charlie puts his collaborator relationships first, treating everyone with professionalism and candid authenticity, striving to bring out the best of his clients.

In 2023, Charlie graduated from USC’s Thornton School of Music, earning a degree in Music Production. Determined for growth, Charlie’s way is only up, commiting himself to meaningful music and the best people.